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Jonathan Barr is a recognized Tempering Glass Consultant. His expertise in glass tempering technology and resolving glass tempering problems is second to none. As a reviewer to his book on Glass Tempering, I am amazed that no one in the past has put together a book on this subject that not only details the theories and technology of tempering glass, but also some of the problems associated with tempering glass.

Jonathan’s book is a tremendous resource for Companies that temper glass (including but not limited to Management, Tempering line supervisors, etc.) or anyone interested in the technology of glass tempering. Jonathan explains the simple process of heating glass and quenching it, to produce tempered or heat strengthened glass, is not an over complicated process. However, to meet aesthetic concerns and break safe requirements, there is a lot of technology required. In the past, some people have thought that tempering glass is more of an art than a science.

The production personnel have many variables to consider on a daily basis i.e., glass thickness, throughput speed, quench air temperature, furnace operating conditions, aesthetics, break safe requirements, etc. Jonathan’s book presents a realistic review of the technology of tempering glass and with his knowledge that he has put into this book, he has helped in making glass tempering more of a science than an art.

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