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17 copy GoLive – L” Shape Automatic Production Line – Lifting Structure


Composition: Two Double Edging Machines and One L-shape Automatic Transfer Table; the structure is simple and stable, also it is for floor area saving.
It can process the four sides at one time.
The automatic transfer table takes lifting structure, it is widely used for all types of glass, big or small, thick or thin, and takes advantages of high transferring efficiency and flexible con figuration.

From £140,000.00ex VAT

Key benefits

  • Field of interior-4200×2500mm
  • Max. Glass Transfer Size – 4200×2500mm
  • Min. Glass Transfer Size – 450×450mm
  • Transmisson Speed – 1m/min-6.8m/min
  • Glass Thickness for Flat Edge – 3-25mm
  • Max weight for Glass Transfer – 500kg
  • Height for the Transfer Table – 900±20mm


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