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Han Jiang HG-3008-II


  • PLC control system with touch screen interface
  • Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass
  • Perfect washing performance for on/off line Low-E glass
  • Apply waterproof bearing without oil lubricant
  • Optimal energy saving system with numerical intermittent working style
  • Center positioning system for press
  • Specially designed for step insulating glass and three layers insulating glass processing.
  • Inverter driving for Low-E brush turning speed
  • Automatic water compensation function for water tank

Key benefits

  • Max glass size:  2450 × 3150mm (1950 × 2580mm )
  • Min glass size: 200 × 450 mm
  • Washing glass thickness:3 -15 mm   Insulating glass thickness: 48 mm
  • Glass washing speed: 0 -8 m /min
  • Brush: 3 pairs  Conveying speed: 45 m /min
  • Power: 3P 380V/1P+N 220V 50Hz 38Kw
  • Air source: Air quantity- 0.8m³ / min   Air pressure-1Mpa
  • Water: Water consumption- 0.5t/h   Water conductivity≤50μs/cm

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