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Northglass A5 and A15 Glass Tempering System


Key benefits

  • Stable & reliable intelligent control system
  • User friendly human-machine interface
  • Accurate control of all heating units
  • Anti-deformation ceramic transition rollers at entry & exit doors
  • Unique arc-forming by flexible rollers
  • Staggered arrangement of 8-row blowing nozzles for even quenching
  • Cold-drawing quench rollers against deformation
  • Easy & efficient automatic arc-adjusting mechanism
  • Easy and convenient replacement of conveyor transmission belts
  • Accurate & smooth glass arc-shaping resulted from synchronous arc-adjusting mechanism
  • High duplicated accuracy brought by moment of force control
  • Worldwide largest bent tempered glass size with maximum 2850(bent edge)x12800mm or 3600×18000(bent edge)mm

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